Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


  • All goods are supplied on the understanding that these terms are understood and accepted.

Price and payment

  • All prices quoted are +vat.
  • Goods must be paid for before cutting commences.
  • If the quote does not specify delivery, then this is not included.
  • All payments are made via our website through our fully secure payment system. No other form of payment is accepted.
  • Test cutting is chargeable, although we only offer this service if it is requested or you are supplying any specialist materials.
  • You will receive a confirmation of payment once the goods have been paid for. If this has not been received, please contact us immediately. This may mean the payment has not been taken, and therefore your goods risk being delayed.

Packaging and delivery or pick-up

  • Our standard packaging on all goods is intended for direct courier transport or customer collection. If you are collecting using an overnight or international delivery service (such as Fedex, Parcel Monkey, DHL etc.), please select additional packaging option at time of ordering, as this will incur an extra packaging charge, to ensure your goods are protected sufficiently during transit.
  • If goods are not collected within 7 days of completion, they may be subject to storage charges.
  • If goods have not been collected within 30 days of the completion date, and written warning has been sent by us, then Shape CNC will dispose of the goods, without refunding the customer. A disposal fee may be applicable.
  • Shape CNC cannot be held responsible for any client collected goods being damaged during transit, however, if this has occurred and evidence can be supplied, we will endeavour to re-make elements urgently and at preferential rates whenever possible.

Drawings and Artwork

  • If artwork supplied is in an incorrect format or not fit for purpose, we may be required to amend drawings, which is a chargeable service. Wherever possible, on receiving artwork, we will quote this prior to our agreement.
  • Any drawing updates, cancellations or re-submission of artworks may incur a charge if the quote has already been submitted and agreed.
  • Shape CNC will cut to customers drawings or to approved drawings, with no drawing modifications (this includes any adjustments such as offsetting to account for the reaction of materials to the cnc cutting process). With each material and cutting tool, the tolerances vary slightly. If this is of particular importance to your components, please contact us, as we may need to re-draw elements or perform some tests for you, which are chargeable.
  • All drawings will be cut 1:1, unless specified in advance, as any drawing amends are chargeable.
  • All files will be removed from our system 7 days after the project has been cut and delivered. 


  • We offer materials which are of a high standard and are suitable for use on the CNC, however there will always be a slight variance in thicknesses of materials from sheet to sheet. We will take the manufacturers specification details as true, and cannot be responsible for pre-checking the materials prior to machining.
  • If backing is kept on materials during cutting, and supplied to the client with the backing, it is the client’s responsibility to remove this backing, as it is protective material and will contribute to a safe delivery of elements.
  • Shape CNC reserves the right to refuse any client supplied materials, if it is felt they are not of a high enough quality, or if they are deemed not machinable. This may incur a cost to the client if additional handling is required.
  • If when we cut to drawings correctly, and the result is not as expected by the client, we cannot be held responsible for any re-purchasing of materials or additional cutting costs.
  • Materials supplied to us by the client are left at their own risk. We will make every reasonable care and take every precaution to ensure the materials are not damaged or lost within our possession, however we accept no financial liability whilst the material is held in our premises, unless client is able to prove unreasonable care.
  • It is recommended that Shape CNC materials are used wherever possible to maintain the highest standard of CNC machining.

Copyrights, Intellectual Property Rights and Confidentiality

  • Shape CNC will make every reasonable effort to ensure the client’s designs, personal details and communication are kept entirely confidential.
  • If the client requests that we work with copyright materials, we will assume that the client has obtained and granted all relevant permissions. Shape will not be liable for copyright breach when acting on the client’s instruction.
  • Any drawings created by Shape CNC remain the copyright of Shape CNC, and any further use by the client with permission.
  • Shape CNC may choose to use images of cut elements for social media or the Shape CNC website. If the client would prefer an image was removed, we will do so on request.

Refunds and Replacements

  • A replacement will be offered if the components are faulty, due to a machine error, incorrect processing or incorrect materials have been used. If a replacement is not possible due to lack of time, or the material cannot be re-purchased, a refund will be issued.
  • A refund will only be issued if the error is on the part of Shape CNC.

Consequential loss

  • We will endeavour to deliver in accordance to the delivery dates and times given when quoted, however these are only to be used as a guide. Shape CNC cannot be held responsible for any consequential loss as a result of the product being delayed.